About Us

Blind Grit is Inspirational Athleisure Wear created by those who conquer challenges, for those who are ready for one !

High quality, SUPER COMFORT, designed for getting out of your COMFORT ZONE !

Blind Grit celebrates the qualities required to survive trauma, as some of the qualities we most admire, value & aspire to. It’s a celebration of those SUPER HUMANS who have been forced to survive outside a comfort zone that most of us take for granted.¬†

Every garment is created by people who are EXPERTS in CONQUERING CHALLENGES. Every Blind Grit garment is infused with challenge-conquering energy, empowering you to get out of your comfort zone & tap into your own inner SUPER HUMAN: mentally, emotionally, physically.

What Do You Need To Conquer ? … Run further, be stronger, reach higher, stay focused, dig deeper, fear less, give more …

We are a comfort driven society. Why wouldn’t we be !? However, some of the qualities we most admire, value & aspire to, are only accessible outside our comfort zone: see it, value it, live it ! … for yourself & others.