Blind Grit Founder Nikki selected for new national Building Disability Leaders Project

ABOVE: Chandra Guragai, Nikki & Sara Rajabi: at Albury Tafe, for the weekly Blind Grit course, for fabulously creative adult refugees, as part of the social engagement phase of the business, 2017.

The new Disability Leadership Institute  (DLI) is Australia’s first cohesive ongoing program to support & develop leaders & emerging leaders with disabilities. It is the world’s first disability leadership program to be fully developed & run by disability leaders ! Founder & CEO, Christina Ryan, believes that leaders with disabilities have unique perspectives, that when harnessed & applied to big picture strategies, hold powerful potential for future building.

Nikki has been chosen as part of a group of emerging disability leaders to take part in a 12 month program of coaching, learning & communities of practice, designed to increase her effectiveness as a disability leader.

Nikki: “I’m humbled & honored to be chosen as part of this group of disability leaders. Christina is an amazing (& fun !) coach. I’ve already uncovered depths & strengths that I had under valued & overlooked in myself. As part of this role, I receive the right to use the letters DLI after my name; which I’m going to proudly start now … Nikki Hind (DLI) Founder of Blind Grit.”

Blind Grit Invited To Sydney Investor Event

As founder of Blind Grit, I have been selected as 1 of 11 Global Sisters ‘Sister Tribe Leaders’, to present Blind Grit at a Special Investor Event in Sydney in late 2018. This role is for Sisters of high potential to create impact & inspire other Sisters, family & community as an entrepreneur.  I’m particularly proud that Blind Grit is the only rural business to be selected for this honor.