Graphic Design

Being raised in a refugee camp, Tika had not even seen a computer until 4 years before he created the Blind Grit logo in 2016. I met Tika as part of the social engagement phase of Blind Grit. At the time, he was in year 12 & graphic design was his favourite subject. He told me that his dream was to work in graphic design.

Tika has successfully completed year 12 & is currently studying a Diploma of Graphic Design by correspondence.  Read Tika’s story.  … And read below to see what this incredible young man has done since finishing school !


DEC 2017: Tika & his brother Durga (with Heather Mitchell from MAMA, & Blind Grit Founder, Nikki) accepting his $500 award as Blind Grit’s 1st Official Artist. Congratulations Tika !

Tika surprised everybody with a beautiful speech. He spoke about feeling happy, safe, relieved when he & his family arrived in Australia. He spoke about going to school & very much enjoying it, but also feeling quite lost & not knowing what to do with his future. He thanked Nikki & Blind Grit for encouraging him in something he loved: graphic design. He attributed the opportunity & encouragement given by Nikki, as giving him direction & self belief.

Tika took that direction, self belief & attitude of taking up an opportunity with both hands, & impressed Nordcon recently. He had the opportunity to do some surveying assistant work with a friend, in his uni holidays. Whilst he was there, he noted that the surveyors couldn’t input measurements when they were in remote areas with no internet connectivity. He told local management that he might be able to help with that. He saw a problem & wanted to have a go at solving it …. & do you know what ? He did !

Now, I’m not tech savvy enough to describe what Tika created, however, he has created something that Nordcon are now implementing. That’s impressive !

But, wait. There’s more ! This impressive young man chose to donate his $500 award back to Blind Grit; with the request that it be used to help other kids to find self belief & direction. To give other kids an opportunity to give something they love a go.

Watch this space to see how Tika’s $500 donation is used …

Tika, thank you for your incredibly generous, positive spirit. I’m so proud to be part of your journey. Nikki