Meet our Blind Grit Angels ... way more than just a pretty face !  



Kimberly H Coleman

Kimberly H Coleman is a Houston, Texas native, currently residing outside of Lexington, Kentucky with her beloved family. 

After being diagnosed with Stage 2 Rectal Cancer in July of 2015, she underwent treatment for close to a year. During the course of treatment, Kimberly almost lost her life to a bowel perforation/obstruction and after having life-saving surgery, she was given a temporary- two year colostomy. 

Kimberly has since chosen to keep her stoma, affectionately named "Toodles", permanently because of the quality of life it has given her. 

Shortly, after completing all of her treatments, Kimberly made a decision to grab life by the horns and live out loud !


Became a best-selling international author, 

Traveled to 4 countries solo/with family

Modelled in Melbourne Fashion Week - Access to Fashion Show 

Was a panelist, speaker & model for 'Underneath We Are' by Amy Herrmann

and 'The Skin I’m In' by Ferrell Phelps - book projects on body image/positivity

Became a motivational speaker

Won two awards for cancer awareness and ostomy advocacy

Performs burlesque both nationally and internationally

And these are just some of the things that Kimberly and Toodles have been able to achieve !

Kimberly was recently featured in the Dove #showus online project on Instagram, and is continuing to dismantle negative stigmas & break down barriers with the goal to promote positivity for both, ostomy and cancer awareness. 

This mom of 6 kiddos and wife of 20 years has a refreshing perspective on body image, self-acceptance, community, her stoma, and finding joy in life after cancer/trauma.  

And we could not be more proud to have Kimberly be our very 1st Blind Grit Angel, presenting the 

very 1st images of Blind Grit's 1st Collection !